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Then and Now funny but true

Then and Now funnyMany things had changed in the world according to the times examples names, life style, food, culture, prayers, education, entertainment and many more. Now we are going to compare the difference in 1900’s and 2000+ ages. Here are some funny comparisons of our life then and now.






1.Then: Names – Shravya , Balu , Swetha , Venkatesh.

Now : Suchirika , Baren , Sulesia , Viwan.

2.Then: Going on cycle to school is really awesome among friends.

Now: Going on bike or car to school is too simple.

3.Then: Best daily food are pickles and home made.

Now : Best foods are Pizza, Burger , KFC.

4. Then: A boy talking with a girl is completely incorrect.

Now : A girl can have 10 boyfriends.

5. Then: Getting a email is really awesome.

Now: Getting a letter is really awesome.




6. Then: Watching a movie is awesome experience.

Now: Can watch any movie daily on computer.

7.Then: Having fun with friends on ground with chit chats and other games.

Now: Playing games and mobiles and computers then typing LOL.

8.Then: Police are like hero’s must respect them.

Now: If traffic police arrests you just make a call.

9.Then: Asking money from mom to  buy chocolates.

Now: Asking money from mom for net balance.

10.Then: 1 Phone whole village.

Now: 1 Family 4 phones.

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