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The way she helps the poor made me speechless

Helping poor in India

In our daily we see many poor people beside road sides or some where else. Many of our does not help them. Some wants to help but they can’t due to some issues. Some people don’t like to see or touch them.

But here this girl in feeding the poor by giving them food on her free time.


She is not only giving food to them but also cleaning their wounds with medicines.

Many don’t like to touch them but this great lady is taking care of these people who are near by her.


She is a Journalist and a middle class family member. This remembers me about mother teresa.

Her name is Shravya.




People like her will stay as inspiration for younger generation. If every one in India helps the needy there will no problem of food forever.

Some simple good points to remember

  1. Help needy
  2. Don’t waste food
  3. Share some when you have more

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