The Victory Of BJP On Karnataka Elections 2018

The BJP Vs Congress

The Victory Of BJP On Karnataka Elections 2018. The elections of legislative assembly had been held in karnataka. There are 224 seats available for the legislative assembly while BJP covered 124 seats in the election. bharatiya janata party (BJP) has high majority of votes on the north India but later BJP has proved that south India also supports the BJP. Many political parties are waiting for the results of the Karnataka elections which will be ended on the 15 may evening. While BJP covers 116 seats on the morning session the Congress party covered 64 seats. While coming to the afternoon session the seats and covered percentage of Congress party decreases and the BJP will be increased.

The Victory Of BJP On Karnataka Elections 2018

Even the elections is going on in Karnataka all the people who supports the BJP and Congress party are eagerly waiting for the results of Karnataka Elections. The people who supports BJP are being joyful due to the high majority of BJP in south India. However the elections hasn’t been done yet. There is still time for the completion of the election for now the BJP leads the elections and Congress chasing the BJP. On the early morning session BJP has been the first with 124 seats. Later downed to 116 seats.

The Congress is covering the seats of almost 60 above. The BJP party is being in the lead but however there are still two parties which gives competition to the BJP. This wont be a pretty big problem for the BJP but still the seats of BJP has been decreased if compared the early morning session and morning session. There is a lots of chances that BJP wins the elections but stills there is also a probability that congress take over the BJP on the election. Most of the people are thinking BJP wins the karnataka elections while some people are thinking BJP will lose the karnataka elections.

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