The Twitter Banned Bitcoin Advertisements On There Website Officially

Bitcoin ads banned in twitter

The Twitter Banned Bitcoin Advertisements On There Website Officially. The social media Twitter is going to ban the cryptocurrency ads on this thursaday March 29th. The twitter has confirmed the decision that cryptocurrency advertisements will be on the other social medias but not in the twitter. The social media site twitter has said that the ban will cover the advertisements of the ICOs of some new cryptocurrencies. This policy includes the ban of payments and services of cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The twitter has announced ban of ads of bitcoin

The Twitter Banned Bitcoin Advertisements On There Website Officially

The twitter says that they will limit the advertisements for japan companies which were listed in the stock market. Twitter has trying to prevent the bitcoin exchanging accounts from engaging with the deceptive manner. The cryptocurrency market which are been down for a long time had gone even down by the announcement of twitter.

While Twitter is talking towards reuters the director Zennon Kapron of kapronisa a financial company cited risks that twitter is one of the motivator itself behind the ban of advertisements. The new cryptocurrency ICO which are going to come to market in the future will have a huge problem by lack of promotion. Most of the cryptocurrency ICOs are gaining investors by the ads in facebook and twitter but one of the wing has gone for the ICOs. So there will be a big problem for the new cryptocurrency ICOs.

The facebook to announced a ban of ads of cryptocurrencies in this year on January and google too thinking to announce a ban of ads on the june month. The future of cryptocurrencies ICOs will definitely gets down. The complete ICOs will rank down in the future so the cryptocurrencies will get down. However this wont effect the present cryptocurrencies which were in the top positions. The cryptocurrencies who had already gained investors wont be effected more by this bans.


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