The story of an Indian farmer, He made government to touch his feet

A simple casual living farmer from India once decided to do something forĀ theĀ farmers who were been struggling for selling their goods.

He thought that they were getting very less when compared to the distributors of their good.

A casual rice crop in India per acre gives them about 20 to 30 thousand rupees. There investment will be around 7 to 15 thousand per acre.

So if a farmer cultivates in his own land. Then he might get a profit of 5 to 15 thousand per acre if all the crop growth is good and perfect.

Crop time of rice is about 4 to 5 months. Yearly only 2 times of crop is possible to cultivate if their is sufficient water and current.

Now we got a clear idea that a farmer gets only 5 to 10 thousand rupees profit per acre in single crop. If there is any problem in the crop he might get huge lose.

This was the position of our farmer who were the back bone of the country.

A farmer who got much anger in this issue decided not to sell any of his goods. He just replied that he will sell his product rice for 10000 rupees per 100 kilogram. At present farmers will get only 1500 per 100 kilogram.




Many of the buyers shocked after hearing his words. Even other villagers confused on his words. Other villagers though that how could a normal farmer lead his life without selling his goods.

Later on after talking with farmer. The other villagers neighbors and everyone stopped selling their goods to the buyers and started serving between them and lead their life up to month.

These farmers demanded they need best price for their goods. Days passed the members near the town struggled for supplies like milk, rice other eating substances.

The government then met the villagers and started to solve their problems. Now they got current for perfect timing. They have given loans and other needs. Government promised to give perfect price for their goods.

One common man from a village showed the power of farmers to every one.

Farmers were the back bone of the nation. Remember we can’t eat electronics and other things . Respect farmers.

Try to help them. Thank you ……


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