The Reddit Site Has Banned Bitcoin Payment Option

reddit bitcoin payments banned

The Reddit Site Has Banned Bitcoin Payment Option. Reddit is one of the best communities of Bitcoin other than telegram and discord. Reddit is the best place to learn about the cryptocurrencies and get knowledge. The website holds the power over the conversations done in the Bitcoin community. Yet the Reddit site has banned the Bitcoin payments. There are some reasons for Reddit to ban the Bitcoin paypaments.

Reddit banned bitcoin

The Reddit Site Has Banned Bitcoin Payment Option

The reddit company has removed the option to gift users by Reddit gold by using Bitcoin. This may sound like an ICO tokens. Reddit gold is made for the users who had accessed the premium membership in which the users get premium options.

This issue was highlighted by the BTC community which is on the Reddit. According to there information this is cause by the recent change in the coinbase. The coinbase is being interrupted by the smart contract bug. By that change the Reddit has removed the Bitcoin payment option.

The ban of bitcoin on reddit

Reddit may change the payment ways from BTC to BTH in the future there are some chances of that according to the explanation of the Reddit users. Additionaly reddit removed the darknetmarket community for spending cryptocurrency in utmost manner.

Reddit is an American company which will remove all the illegal and harshening things which are in there reddits. If the website communities or users of the website does anything wrong he will be immediately removed by them. Reddit might have removed the darknet market due to some of there business stratergy. The Reddit removed the Bitcoin payment option and it may even change in the future. This may not be a pretty much problem for the Bitcoin but there will be a little bit of change in the price of Bitcoin.

So what are you thinking about the removal of payments in reddit?. Will this effects bitcoin or not? comment your opinion.

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