The New 300 Sixes Record Made By The Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma

Rohit sharma 300 sixes record

The New 300 Sixes Record Made By The Indian Cricketer Rohit Sharma. Rohit sharma is one of the main player of Indian cricket team. Most of the Indian cricket team fans loves him to see on the ground. While coming to the point Rohit sharma has made a new record which is 300 sixes in the twenty20 series. This is wonderful and one of the best achievement of Rohit sharma. Even by having many best batsmen in India no body has achieved this record or nearby to the record. This record might impress the Rohit sharma lets wait and see what will be th next move of Rohit sharma.

We know that at present Rohit sharma is playing in the Indian Premiere League however they rank in the 5th position by having only some points. All the previous IPL matches of MI has been so down but still they had survived and got into the finals and takes the cup. So most of the fans of Mumbai Indians team are thinking the same will happen in this year but still the remaining IPL team fans are thinking quite opposite to it because of the tough competition which is given by the other teams.

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