The Life of the Syrian Conflict! In Between Life And Death

The syrian war conflicts

A violent confrontation between the President Bashar al-Assad government and the rebels threatened to wreak havoc.Syria fell into a bloody civil war.Many people lose their lives,their children and their homes in the Syria.Many people struggle with injuries.They estimated 4 lakh people had been killed in Syria.

The War In Syria

Dr Mukul Singhal said that Syria people have been facing many problems and difficulties for many years now.Every person is suffering because of that war.And there is best medical facilities in Syria and neighbouring Jordan.Many patients, they don’t have food or water after that war. Many people still want to go back to Syria.Most of good doctors left Syria because of the war.At that time, It is the very problematic situation.

In that camps,the camps are always open and people can enter and exit any time.There is no systemetic way. And sometimes some camps don’t have food, water facility and electricity.And sometimes the soldiers fire in the air for fun after they drunk.

The Syrian War

Many countries, India,Pakistan,Ukraine and Philippines helped them.Everyone works really hard to help them.Many people saved patients in that war.Few doctors are there work day and night and local support staff,local volunteers are present to help.

Syria is bleeding inside and out.They estimated 4 lakh people had been killed in Syria.The kids are still struggling life with their terrible injuries, they don’t know about their future.Some people lost their body parts like legs,hands and manu injuries happened.It is very terrible situation.

Doctor said that We decided to move inside of Syria to help them, because of there are many people suffering from their injuries. It is better and easy to help them. if we go inside and treat them easily. We decided to move to centre of Raqqa, that is the last fighting happened place and we want to build a hospital there.That is the area where many landmine blasts happened in that area. So, We want to build a hospital there.It is very easy way to treat them.And We can make all facilities to them like food,water facility and electricity.Many Doctors and local support staff, Local Surgeons decided to move forward to help them.

A injured patient said that “I don’t want to go back to my home.My village is destroyed totally. There is no one. I lost my parents, My siblings and my relatives.Another patient said that “I had many injuries on my forehead,chest and abdomen.And I lost my right leg.40-50 operations happened to that injuries.The doctors are kind hearted people.They are doing many to me to recover from injuries.My heartful thanks to doctors.

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