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The Iron Man Suit Of Robert Downey Jr Worth 2.6 Crores Has Been Stolen

The Iron Man Suit Has Been Stolen

The Iron Man Suit Of Robert Downey Jr Worth 2.6 Crores Has Been Stolen. The first movie of Robert Downey Jr in marvel universe was Iron Man 1 which includes the golden and red rodded Iron Man suit mark 1. After completing the suit setup the suit has been used for almost 1 to 2 years and kept in marvel studio film suits place. Most of the people who work in marvel doesn’t cared about the suit. To make Iron Man movie the production was almost around 14 crores and the suit itself worth 2.6 crores. The robbery of suit has been done in the Tuesday.

Iron man Suit Stolen

The Iron Man Suit Of Robert Downey Jr Worth 2.6 Crores Has Been Stolen

The polices has started the investigation on the stolen issue of Iron Man suit. There are no updates about the stolen suit yet but most of the people are thinking that the suit has been stolen by a worker who is on the marvel studios. The iron man suit which is on the first movie of iron man may not be the costliest one from all the other movies one but its not the least one too in price. All the fans of Robert Downey Jr knows that he has been arrested due to some issues of drugs and others and marvel had paid and given bail to him.

The suit of Iron Man has been stolen in between the month of February to April 25th. The investigation doesn’t given any clue to the cops for finding the person who had stolen the suit. This may not be a problem to the Marvel studios but this will be a little loss for the hard work of the Iron Man movie team. If we get into the new movie marvel studios which is Avengers Infinity war the Iron Man has a new suit which costlier than this suit.

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