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The Facts About The Golden Mountain Of The India

The golden mountain of India

The Facts About The Golden Mountain Of The India. Many people of the Indian country thinks that golden mountain is a myth. According to the Hindhu mythology the golden mountain is the one and only mountain of the whole world which consists a large amount of gold. Many kings of the BC and present AD people are searching for the mountain. Recently a research team has found the mountain on the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh. The mountain is located on a certain village of the Arunchal Pradesh state. By knowing this the research team has evacuated the village people where the mountain is located and started to dig the mountain.

After digging to some deep in the golden mountain the research team has found some different materials other than gold and dug some more to find the gold. After the completion of the digging the research team has found the gold. The people of the golden mountain village has understood that facts about the golden mountain and began to dug down the mountain. By the decision made by the villagers it began to start a war between to countries. Here is the video which explains all about the golden mountain.

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