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The Complete Biography Of Elon Musk: The Founder Of Spacex

the biography of elon musk

The Complete Biography Of Elon Musk: The Founder Of Spacex. Everybody knows the name Elon Musk who is the Co-founder and CEO of the company SpaceX. Elon Musk company was the first space research company which launched a car into the space. Elon Musk is one of  the one guy who had developed there own company. Spacex is a space research foundation which is just as the NASA but being private company unlike NASA which is government organized. The Spacex research team has invented reusable and different featured which NASA couldn’t done in there whole time. So here is the biography of one of the greatest entrepreneur and a businessman Elon Musk.

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The Complete Biography Of The SpaceX Co-Founder Elon Musk

Elon Revee Musk is the complete name of Elon Musk who was born in June 28th 1971 on South Africa. Elon Musk parents are Erroi Musk and Maye Musk. Elon Musk has two siblings named Kimbal Musk(brother) and Tosca Musk(sister). Elon Musk was a very active child during his childhood the complete thinking of him was quite different from his siblings. At the age of 7 he started to get to school.

Education of Elon Musk:

After completing his high school Elon Musk left South Africa and joined the Queen’s University of Canada at the age of 17. He left the university of queens in 1992 and started to study the business and physics at the university of Pennsylvania. Elon Musk has graduated in an economics undergraduate degree and stayed in the university two study the second bachelor degree of Physics. After completing the degree Musk has headed towards the Stanford university which is in California for studying the PHD in energy physics.

The First Step Of Elon Musk:

After the move he made has changed his life completely. Elon Musk has taken a step forward to the computer and internet. Musk had made his first company Zip2 corporation which provided the content for the two new websites named The New York Times and Chicago Tribune. On the year of 1991 a computer company corporation had bought zip2 corporation in the cash of 307 million dollars and 34 million dollars in stock market.

The Second Company Of Elon Musk

The was co-founded by the Elon Musk on the year of his 1991 in where he sold his first company. was a financial service and payments company. After having a good profits in the company has changed the name to Paypal which is one of the most using payments and financial transferring company yet. On the year of 2002 the Paypal company had been acquired by the Ebay company. for 1.5 billion dollars in stock market where Elon Musk has 11% of stocks of Paypal.

The Co-Founder Of Spacex Company:

After withdrew from past two companies Musk has looked forward and started the Space exploration technologies corporation which is simplified into Spacex. This company was made on 2002 year with the intention of making spacecrafts. By the year of 2008 the spacex was completely well established and made a deal with the NASA for the plans astronaut transport in the future.

the biography of elon musk

On the year 2012 the Spacex and NASA had made a history. The companies had launched its falcon 9 rocket with 1000 pounds of supplies for astronauts in it. On the year 2013 the falcon 9 has successfully carried a satellite to geosynchornous transfer orbit. On the year of march 2017 another Falcon 9 has been made by reusable parts. Later Elon Musk has made another company which is named as Tesla.


The Tesla Company:

Elon Musk company

Tesla is a company which produces affordable mass market electric cars as Batteries, Engines, Roofs etc. On the year of 2017 november this company has announced that they are going to make a car called roadster which is going to be the fastest car on the year of 2020. On the year of 2018 the Elon Musk and his partners of Spacex and Tesla company has been united and made a car which has been sent to the space by using a reusable rocket of the Spacex company and the car was made by the Tesla company.

Elon Musk car

If we stop the business life and get into the personal life of the Explorer and inventor Elon Musk.


The Elon Musk Family:

As mention the parents of Elon Musk are Errol Musk (father) and Maye Musk (mother). The brother of Elon Musk (Kimbal Musk) had though Musk about the softwares and programming at the age of 12 Elon Musk had designed his first software and game which called Blastar. At the age of 29 Musk married Justine Wilson on the year of 2000 and gave birth to a kid who had died after 10 weeks of his birth due to the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) later they had 5 kids and got divorce and later Elon Musk met Talulah Riley and wedded her in 2010 and broke up in 2012 and married again 2013 finally ended up there relationship with divorce on 2016.

Elon Musk family

Net worth Of Elon Musk:

The net worth of Elon Musk is almost 20.2 billion dollars as of December 2017. However now the Spacex company has been valued as 20 billion dollars.

Elon Musk is a perfect businessman and also a great entrepreneur of all time. Elon Musk thoughts and all are different from the other entrepreneurs and businessmen. He is a perfect person to live as an entrepreneur.

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