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The Cointext Company Launched Bitcoin Cash Beta – Send Without The Internet

The BCH sms Transaction

In the beginning of this week the messaging platform cointext has launched the beta version of there project which allows the people to send BCH via SMS even by not having an internet connection. Cointext is using the Short Message Service protocol to easy the transactions for Bitcoin Cash investors. The crypto traders who had invested in the BCH can transact to any person with the SMS from there mobile. The beta version of this project is being tested in US, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Sweden,  UK and Netherlands after the completion of beta version test the cointext will develop and allow all the people around the world to transact the BCH via SMS.

The project of Cointext linked to BCH

The Cointext Company Launched Bitcoin Cash Beta – Send Without The Internet

The BCH investors now have the ability to send Bitcoin cash by the help cointext via SMS without having an internet connection. On the date of 27 march the project developers had launched this project beta version for US and other countries. The chief technology officer and the lead developer of cointext and also the co-founder of cointext, Vin Armani had announced the launch of beta version on the march 27th.

The Cointext Sms project

At the day of the beta version launch, Vin Armani said this “Cointext is the best and also the easiest way to spread the use about the Bitcoin cash. Because the cointext BCH transaction project works with any type of mobile. The users can transact BCH using any sort of mobile”

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The CoinText Project Is Going To Be An App Killer

The cointext is absolutely an app killer because the cointext running in an SMS protocol to allow any sort of mobile users to transact BCH. None of the other crypto wallets or any other apps did that. The cointext can be featured to Nokia-Type in order to access the developing countries. Almost 2000 number of people has accepted to be the beta tester of this project. The cointext giving the 0.50 BCH for free to all the users who got newly to the cointext.

The cointext beta version sms

The cointext is giving free BCH due to the donation of Bitcoin cash. The users who are first time accessing the beta version number can type Cash and know all the commands of the beta version. To know the instructions of the project and its beta version better to visit there website. The Armani Emphasizes said that ” Currency has and will always be a killer app for Bitcoin”.

The Target Of Cointext After The Launch Of Its Project

The Target of the cointext after the launch of its project is nothing but gaining a lots of people to there project around the world. According to the development team the cointext does not hold a single cent of BCH. The complete Bitcoin cash they send or receive are interlinked to the BCH blockchain. The client cannot censor or modify or do anything to any transactions. The cointext cant recover there funds and transactions if the users loses there mobile number. The transaction fee for every transaction is only 0.05$ BCH.

The Vin Armani said that the cointext will be waiting for the feed back of the users who are trying the beta version. If all things goes in the perfect way the project will be launched by the April or may. According to the co founder the cointext will be launched in 54 other countries including the option of first language translation. The cointext theme and goal and target is to achieve billions of users around the world.

What do you think about the new project of Cointext?. Is it perfect for the transactions or is it not perfect for the transaction.

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