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The Biography of Koneru Konappa | Leader and Legislator

The Biography of Koneru Konappa | Leader and Legislator

Koneru Konappa is a politician. He is from Sirpur which is in Kaghaznagar of Adilabad in Telangana. He now in lives in Sirpur. His age is 54 years. His father name is Koneru Suryanarayana. his education qualification is 12th grade. The home address is 3–3–170, Guntur colony, Sirpur, Kaghaznagar, Adilabad, Telangana. In initial stages he was a former later he came into politics.

Koneru Kanappa stood in elections for the first time in 2009. He nominated from the party named Bahujan Samaj Party. This party is started by Kanshi Ram. It is the third most famous political party in India.  In 2009. At first, he nominated for the elections from the party named Indian national congress.

In 2004 Koneru Kanappa participated in elections and he won the elections with a majority from Sirpur.  He participated from the party called BSP and he won from Sirpur. In 2014 again he won from the same constituency. After 2014 elections He joined  T R S which is led by KCR. now for 2019 elections, he is participating from T R S from Sirpur Constituency.

The Biography of Koneru Konappa | Leader and Legislator

As Koneru Kanappa is very confident about his result and he quotes that T R S will rewrite history in Sirpur. He made a lot of developments in Sirpur. He developed health, education, roads. For 2019 he made his campaign in and out of Sirpur and all villages of that Constituency.

As Koneru Kanappa won two times from Sirpur Constituency. In 2004 and in 2014. In the past few years, he made good progress in development and people are very happy about it.  During his time as an M L A ( Member of Legislative Assembly ), he made a lot of developments such as roads which has a connection of 3 5 0 to 4 5 0 KM S.  He worked on the construction of bridges for the passage of many villages.

Koneru Kanappa also established eight residential schools for children. In Bejjur of Sirpur a primary health care center was upgraded to a 30-bed hospital. In Kaghaznagar, a health care center was built with the capacity of the 100-bed hospital. And two new Mandals Penchikapet and Kaghaznagar the revenue division of these two Mandals were improvised and created for a better and easy access to administrative procedures or work. And for the farmers, 3000 new electric connections were given in four compared to the past 60 years they were given 3800 electric connections. And for farmers to store their grains and agricultural materials they built warehouses.

Koneru Kanappa has also reconstructed the silk paper mills which gained work for several people of their town. Koneru quotes that it’s his best work done by him. He is pretty sure about the upcoming elections and people are well known about his work in Sirpur. He promises that if he wins the upcoming Elections he will focus on industrial growth for creating jobs and develop silk factory which was shut down. He also plans on constructing two bridges over two villages.

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