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The Biography Of Etala Rajender | Finance Minister Of Telangana

Etala Rajender Biography

Eatala Rajender is an Indian politician. He is the first finance and civil supplies minister of Telangana state. He was born in Kamalapur village which was a part of the then Karimnagar district. he is the son of edda Mallaiah. He is married to Jamuna.  He has a son (Nitin) and a daughter (Neeta).

Eatala Rajender age: he is 50 years old.

Eatala Rajender Caste: he belongs to Rajaka caste which is included in scheduled caste category.

Eatala rajender Assets and liabilities: he is estimated to have assets of 14 crores and liabilities of upto 7 crores according to

Eatala rajender Political career: he is one of the founding members of telangana rashtra samithi in 2001. He is elected 4 times as member of legislative assembly. He is regarded as one of the party troubleshooters along with harish rao. He participated actively for over 12 years as a member of trs party which eventually became responsible for the formation of the separate telangaana state.

He contested and won all the four times as the member of legislative assembly for various constituencies mentioned below.

2004 – 09: Kamalapur MLA.

2009 – 14: Huzurabad.

2014 (incubent): Huzurabad.   

In 2018 he is to face his own driver. His driver Mekala Mallesh Yadav is to participate in the upcoming 2018 elections. His driver claims that he actively participated in the protest for Telangana’s sake when he was jailed for 45 days. Since then he lost his job and faced lot of struggles. He also claims that Eatala Rajender taken away 30 lakh rupees donated to him. “while all the people taken part in the movement were given posts in the party I was struggling”, he said.

Though TRS party has a good reputation throughout the state it might not be easy for Eatala Rajender to win this time. Congress party is taking drastic measures to win against him is what critics say.

Allegations against Eatala Rajender: like a lot of politicians there are also allegations for criminal charges against him.  The following are the few mentioned by the website

Charges for voluntarily hurting a public servant on duty.

Charges related to attempt to murder.

Charges related to restraint.

Eatala rajender as finance minister:

He functioned well as finance minister of the newly formed state. Plans like KCR kit, mission kakatiya, current for farmers, like these lot of plans were implemented well all thanks to finance minister said few people. Their words are agreeable since the signature for the funding starts from his hands.

Eatala Rajender and Jamuna: it is allegedly reported that his wife handles all his businesses and she is an active social member. It is rumored that she will soon join politics soon. His reputation has fallen low since his son’s marriage says critics.

Eatala rajender quotes:

Eatala Rajender says no other party has treated Muslims well they were always treated as vote supplies but TRS government has taken many measures for the up liftment of Muslims. Shah Mubarak a scheme for the funding of marriages has been successfully implemented.

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