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The Base Setup Strategy For All Town Hall Level Bases Of Clash Of Clans (COC)

The Best Clash of clans bases

The Base Setup Strategy For All Town Hall Level Bases Of Clash Of Clans (COC). Clash of clans is one of the most played game of all time of android. Most of the clash of clans players like to setup the best base of there account that no one can ever do. If you are one of the user who loves to play clash of clans and want to setup the best base in any level town hall then this information will definitely help you to setup best base. If you want to setup the best base of any town hall then try these steps.

The Base Setup Strategy For All Town Hall Level Bases Of Clash Of Clans (COC)

While coming to the base setting point there are many types of bases they are farming, war base, hybrid base, trophy base and many more bases. If you want to be undefeated then war base is the perfect choice to make and if you want to store and use the resources then farming base is the best choice. The best base to be selected on the clash of clans is definitely a war base. However unlike other war base which keeps there resources not protected these bases are different. The main point to remember while creating every base is keep the town hall at the center and make the defenses that no troops can enter into your base.

The best bases of coc

Lets take the example of above image. The complete defenses and town hall is protected by the walls and defenses. Every defense should help another defense so they can protect everything which are around them. If you want to make a perfect base out of your town hall level, Then make sure to keep the town hall in the middle and keep the resources around it and construct a wall and keep the defenses around with protection of walls. Make sure that each defenses range connect with the other defenses. Lets get into the traps almost half of the traps should be near to the town hall for protecting the resources and town hall. Better to keep the air traps near to the town hall. So by these steps you could definitely construct a better base which can be undefeated but still you should be more updated in the base. Every defense and wall should be upgraded to max for being undefeated.

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