The Advanced Google Assistant AI Is Going To Be Revolutionary Virtual Voice Assistant

The Google voice assistant sundar pichai

The Advanced Google Assistant AI Is Going To Be Revolutionary Virtual Voice Assistant. We know that Google assistant is one of the top most using voice assistant in the android mobiles. Although Siri takes the first place by being in the apple mobiles the quantity of the users are less. The Google virtual voice assistant which is in the android mobiles does have more features than other virtual voice assistants. The latest update of Google voice assistant which has been in all the Google Voice Assistants now is quite different and updated than the other voice assistants.

The Google Voice Assistant

The Advanced Google Assistant AI Is Going To Be Revolutionary Virtual Voice Assistant

Google is the top most website on the Internet but Google is the second most AI using company where the first place is taken by the Facebook company. The Google company has planned to make a quite big upgrades to there Artificial Intelligence for making the company better. The new updates has been introduced for all the apps of Google and also for the voice assistant of Google. The uses of voice assistant is increased and its quite compatible with all android devices. The updates are quite useful and different from the previous updates of Google.

Sundar Pichai The CEO of Google company has made an announcement about the new revolutionary update about the Google voice assistant. The Google Voice Assistant is made of a perfect AI which is similar to the voice assistant SIRI. The Google Voice Assistant can now update about all the news, whether reports, make calls by herself and many more. The updates may look simple but this totally different from what you think. The way of answering the questions and the way giving the information to the user has been changed.

Here Is The Video Which Shows About The Latest Update Of Google Voice Assistant Artificial Intelligence

On that video the CEO of Google explained that Google voice assistant can make calls by herself if you want to make her to do it. If you observe none of the previous voice assistants didn’t do this. This is one of the update which Google has made to there voice assistant. This isn’t the single update which is made by the Google company. There are still many other updates on the Google voice Assistant. The update even had the option to buy the accoutrements with the cash on delivery option.

The Virtual voice Assistant

Most of the people may think that there is no possibility Google voice assistant can make the call to your nearby saloon or any other business shop to get your reservation because of having no connections with the Internet to the shops. But its a wrong judgment made by some of the people the Google voice assistant will contact your nearest shops according to your need by knowing your location. This isn’t the complete update of the Google voice assistant there are stills more updates which are in the Google voice assistant.

The Google CEO Speech About There Updates

If we get into the point the AI which has been built by the Google company for there company voice assistant is advanced and also perfectly useful for all the people from students to senior citizens. Every single formula to every big medical therapies are presented on the Internet. The Google voice assistant provides the information of everything in clear better way to every single user of it. The Google voice assistant can even make the arrangements of other works which are kept pending by the users. In clear way the assistant can access the and develop the mobile software.

The Google Voice Assistant sundar pichai


There are still many updates which is quite effective for all the users of Google voice assistant. The Google voice assistant have a new update which helps you in making the composition of Google mails easier. The Google voice assistant can make the mail by itself and send to the named user. It even helps you create phrases and sentences on composing a Google mail. This will be a great help for all the businessmen, employees and many more people who uses the Google voice assistant. watch what Sundar Pichai said on there new I/O of the Google company.

The Words Of Sundar Pichai On Google I/O 2018

The Words of him may look funnier but its a lot explaining phrases by him. The new updates of Google Voice Assistant has got the best association of all services and others its even better than the Apple Siri. Google voice assistant will definitely be a revolutionary AI in the future. The updates of the Google voice assistant is a lot appreciable. The update of calling is a quite revolutionary move made by the Google company. Even by having many competitors the Google voice assistant has advanced and taken the first place.

There is going to be a lots of updates for the Google voice assistant and all the apps of Google company which will make them the best. However by not having the complete updates of the Google voice assistant yet the Voice Assistant is being used by all the people of android. The Artificial Intelligence which is being used in the Google voice assistant is going to be updated by the Google company by the end of 2018. There are many updates which are going to come in the future and going to make a revolution in the technology field.

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