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Telangana Home Minister to Speak about Reddy reservations with CM KCR

Telangana state CM KCR has been requested by HM for reddy's reservation

A recent meeting of Reddy’s wellness community took place at Hanumakonda of Warangle district. A huge number of crowd attended the meeting. The meeting of this is about development in the community people. Nayini Narasimha Reddy the current home minister of Telangana said that he is going to discuss with KCR to provide 10000 crore funds for corporation of reddy community people. He said that corporation will be allotted to poor reddy familys. He also promised to provide the employment opportunity as well as education loans for abroad study.

They also discussed about some of the disturbances that occurred with the reservations. The final words from them are guaranteeing to provide the reservation and other facilities for poor reddy community people.

It is good to provide reservation for poor people belonging to higher community. It will also be good if the government provides reservation for all the poor OC category people instead of only one community. Even though the people are thinking that this is just the words to grab the attention of reddy community. Well! Till now there aren’t any official words from the government about implementing reservation for the poor of higher community.

Lets wait and see for the further steps of the government. The elections time is getting started in the country. 2019 elections are going to decide the fate of the TRS party. One wrong move by this government can cost them plenty of votes. What your opinion on giving reservation for a specific community. Do you support this move. If yes then tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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