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Tamanna’s Huge Crush on Prabhas


Tamanna who was referred as milk beauty revealed that she has huge crush on young rebel star Prabhas. Both of them are big crush for their respective opposite genders. Tamanna was has huge fan following from boys all around and same with that of Girls have so much love towards Prabhas.

These two of them Combindly acted in movies like Rebel and huge hit Bahubali . Their pair was so good looking on big screen. And the Article title Tammana’s Huge crush on Prabhas was told by tamanna in her own words in TV5 interview.

A guy asked her about whether she has crush on anyone.Then Tammana replied that she has huge crush on Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan .When interviewer asked her to tell a name in telugu she replied that she like to say that she has huge crush on Prabhas. Also she said that if Prabhas watches this he will be the real happiest person and after saying these words she gave a naughty smile.

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