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Taj Mahal was built by Hindu King not by Shah Jahan

We all know that Taj Mahal was one of the prestigious construction of India. The history said that this great construction was build by Shah Jahan who is a Mughal emperor.

Coming to clear explanation about his Taj mahal was not build by Shah Jahan but it is  a palace of Raja ManSingh (Hindu King). Raja Jai singh Grand son of Raja mansingh donated palace to Shah Jahan.

A book written about Shah Jahan ( Badshanama). The books is preserved in national archines of India. It gives a brief information about the palace. The book Badshanama tells a brief life of Shah Jahan. The book contains about each and every second movement of Shah Jahan.

The book gives information about the palace (on page no 403). It is written in book that the palace is donated to Shah Jahan.




Proofs that Taj mahal is not built by Shah Jahan.

A book Shahjahan Nama written by Inayath Khan describes the death and burial issue of Muntaj on 17TH June 1631. Muntaj was buried temporarily in a pavilion in the garden of Zainabadat Burhanpur. In the book ( page no 73-74) gives the information about the secondary burial of the queen Muntaj on 15 January 1632.

There is no record maintained about the construction of Taj Mahal. If the monument build by Shah Jahan. The record must be entered in his life story book.

A book Zehir-Ed-din babur is written on the memories of Babur. Writer Winsent smith also wrote that Babur was dead in the palace. There is no other palace in Agra Expect Taj Mahal. Aurangajeb also wrote a letter to his father Shah Jahan about the requirement of repairing the palace.

The corridors passing though the way to enter inside Taj Mahal refers Hindu Rajmahal construction.

There is a octahedral well along with seven floors. These floors were used by kings to hide there wealth when they were attacked by the enemies.

There is a musical house in the campus to Taj Mahal. It is a common culture of Hindu kings to have musical house in the palace but muslims will never allow to have noise near masjid or grave yard. This proves the construction was not built by mughal emperor.

The total monument structure was build according to Hunduism. According to this historical and architectural witness gives us perfect confidence to believe that monument was built by Hindu Kings.


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