Syria Country Children Dead By The Attack Of Other Countries

The children of syria has been attacked

Syria Country Children Dead By The Attack Of Other Countries. We all know that syria is being attacked from 2011 By other countries due to the terrorists in their country. But by that civil war many innocent people and also many children who doesn’t even know their names had died by that war. According to the some news there is a huge loss of  700 soldiers, 110 women and finally 200 children. This war doesn’t give any peace or help to the world but still all some countries are attacking syria. Syria is losing a thousands of kids who are started growing.

Syria attack on kids

The future of any country depends upon the next generation but syria is losing the next generation there is no way for them to have a bright future. Although by having many soldiers syria losing defending the civilians when there is an attack. If you about it what is the gain of the other countries by eliminating syria. The kids of Syria no the future of Syria is being lost in the dust what will be the future of those kids. If this continues there will be now humanity left in the life of any humans of his world.

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