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Super News Medicine increasing Human’s Life


Yes it was a super news a New Medicine was being in manufacture which will increase the human’s life period.So many experiments and researches have been done to increase the life period of human and no one has got succeeded till now.But now it is coming.Get ready guys to increase your life game.

The life ends due to diabetes which will increase cellular oxygen flow which will in turn slows down the cell divisions.For running of all the human parts properly cell division is particular.Due to above stated line cell division stops which will malfunction or stops human parts from working normally.This leads to death of human.





Now Belgian scientists after so many researches and hard work discovered a pill which increases man’s life.Hence man can live for 120 years.A 70 years man can feel like that of 50 years and also be as healthy as him.Test has been conducted on Roundworms.A final test was remaining on humans which will conform and get pill ready release to market.

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