Is Sridevi Really Died Of A Natural Cause?

Sridevi death incident

Is Sridevi Really Died Of A Natural Cause?. There are a lots of doubts about sridevi death. Most of the news had been came into light that Sridevi died of a heart attack but also there are many news that Sridevi died by the over dose of Steroids  when she was in her hotel room. Sridevi taken steroids from the beginning to maintain her beauty as same for many years, if you think about it we are the one of the reason for the death of actress sridevi. After the check up there has been a declared issue that she died of a heart attack in her room.

But do you accept that she died of a heart attack. She was always using many make up and body building things for her beauty. There is a chance that she died because of that. How ever Booney kapoor once said that Sridevi died of an heart attack and she has an insurance of 50 crores. But this news is not yet correct and we can’t determine that this news is true or false. If we assume that this news is real then there is some plan behind her death. If that is fake then there are now plans behind her death.

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