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Sridevi Daughter Tweet About The Death Of Sridevi

Sridevi Daughter Tweet About The Death Of Sridevi. We all know that Sridevi has died in dubai hotel. She was a wonderful actress of India almost all the people of India are feeling sorrow for her. Sridevi was a great actress when she started her first film not only movie she was a good social worker too. If you think about it what may be the reasons for her death in dubai.

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Sridevi daughter has newly tweeted about her mom. Sridevi Daughter jhanvi kapoor has tweeted about her mom with her heart. She told her interaction with Sridevi. Jhanvi Kapoor tweeted about the bonding between them. We know the pain of losing who are close to us we also know that if we lose any others who are most dear to us then that pain will never leave us.

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Here is the tweet of Jhanvi Kapoor which shows the bonding and her love towards her mom. Sridevi daughter Jhanvi Kapoor tweeted this in 2 march 2018.


The tweet of sridevi daughter


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