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Simple Trick to Get Easy Money in Dream11

How to get easy money in Dream11 App

As per INDIAN psychology, for example assume that people will put Rs 100 in Head to Head or small league, if they won they will get Rs 200, then they will put again Rs 200 in another contest. If lost that Rs 200, then they will comes to Rs 50. or less-than that.
Don’t confuse I will explain you clearly.

Assume one person name as Rakesh.
today there is first IPL match. He invest Rs 100 is Head to Head contest. Then he won Rs 200 in that contest.
Now he got money of Rs 200. Now he will put grater than Rs 200 in 2nd match. If he won another match also he will increase his investment double. In same case if he lost 2nd match, now he became zero. Isn’t ?
He lost Rs 200 and also lost initial investment Rs 100. Now usually people stop the playing or again start with small investment like R 50, or something else.

cricket bet

Now what is my formula??

+ Play only Head-to-Head matches.
+ stating with small amount.
+ If you won the contest, amount should remain same in another contest.
+ If you lost the contest, the amount should be double.

This is the simple formula how I’m getting Rs 100 daily.


Okay I will explain you briefly.

Match __Investment__Results__Profit/Lose

Match1     Rs 100            won          Rs 200
Match2     Rs 100            won          Rs 200 (As per 3rd formula)
Match3     Rs 100            lost           —-
Match4     Rs 200            lost           —- (As per 4th formula)
Match5     Rs 400            won          Rs 800
****( See above chat If you lost the match you will double your investment. Finally you got Rs 800. Your investment was Only Rs 700. In this case you are in Profit with Rs 100.)
Match6     Rs 100            won          Rs 200
Match7     Rs 100            won          Rs 200 (*** How many times you frequently won the contest, You will put your investment should be same.****)

Match8     Rs 100            lost           —-
Match9     Rs 200            lost           —-
Match10   Rs 400            lost           —-
Match11   Rs 800            lost           —-
Matct12    Rs 1600          won         Rs 3200

(**** Observe from match 8 to match 12, don’t loose your patience keep double your investment if you frequently lost the match.You will never going to lose if you double the investment.****)

You have invest 100+200+400+800+1600=3100
You won =3200

Finally you will be the only Profit of Rs 100.



DISCLAIMER : The following is my opinion only.  investers are own risk It is not the opinion of my employer It is not related to any work done at my employer


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