Shocking Japan Tsunami Footage

The video has been filmed by  a man risking his life.Earthquakes and Tsunamis shaking the world.This the video of Tsunami that had taken place and took so many lives of Japanese people.Video was taken on March 11 2012.The day of that day was Friday.

Not only the human loss but also loss of property has taken place.Tsunami has broken the cars and also most famous constructions.Filming this type of incidents standing against destruction was not a very small thing really needs a big brave heart.He really risked his life to film this for us.

This type of incidents will tell us how nature takes on revenge when we not respect it.The depressions took place in oceans while extracting oil from its core made Tsunami destroying Japan to pieces.Care and precautions must be taken while we extracting them.Environmental importance must be explained to everyone clearly so that they won’t play games with nature.

Source:  Earthwearone

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