Shahrukh Khan Zero Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration

budget and remuneration of zero movie

Shahrukh Khan Zero Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration. Shahrukh Khan zero movie is one of the most trending topic at present times most of the people are willing to know the updates of the movie. For the first time ever Shahrukh Khan is acting as a short person in a movie. Zero movie is going to be a blockbuster movie in the future. According to Shahrukh Khan this movie is going to be a complete different project which Shahrukh Khan ever faced. Most of the fans are waiting for the updates like teaser and trailers of the Zero movie. All the fans of Shahrukh Khan are being so excited to watch the Zero movie in the theaters.

Shahrukh Khan Zero Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration

Cast And Crew Of Zero Movie: 

Lead Role (Male): Shah Rukh Khan.

Lead Role (Female): Anushkha Sharma, Katrina Kaif.

Supporting Roles: Abhay Deol, Thigmanshu Dhulia.

Guest Entries: Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukerji, Kajol, Alia Bhatt, Kharisma Kapoor, Juhi Chawla.

Director: Aanand L Rai.

Producer: Gauri Khan, Aanand L Rai.

Writer: Himanshu Sharma.

Production Company: Red Chillies Entertainment, Colour Yellow Production.

These are the cast and crew of the Shahrukh khan zero movie. The crew is incomplete without sridevi. The actress sridevi has given dates to act in guest role in this movie but before that a sorrowful issue has happened.

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Budget Of Zero Movie:

The production company and the producer has discussed a lot and made an amount of 100 crores but later decided to change the budget of Zero movie to 150 crores however this budget is only estimated. The original budget could be almost above 150 crores. The printing and publicity and remaining charges could charge atleast 40 crores for the movie. It takes almost 90 to 110 crores to shoot a complete film in foreign country. The budget of the zero movie could be 150 crores above according to some news.

Remuneration Of Zero Movie: 

The given Remuneration are just estimation of ours.

Shahrukh Khan: 20 Crores

Katrina Kaif: 5 crores

Anuskha Sharma: 4 Crores.

The given remuneration are just estimated.

Release Date Of Zero: 

By completing only 15% of the movie it takes a lot of time to complete whole movie in an year. So the team planned to release the movie in the month of December. However the date yet not be confirmed as perfect releasing date because of imbalance of the crew people. The  movie will be released on the date of december 21st 2018.

Hope this movie gets a blockbuster in the box office of Bollywood. most of the people of north india are excited to watch the movie in the theaters. Hope this movie gives the complete entertainment to all the fans of Shahrukh khan. All the best to the team of Zero movie.

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