Sardar Gabbar Singh Guess Review – Pawan Kalyan , Kajal

Sardar Gabbar Singh Guess Review

Sardar Gabbar Singh is most awaited movie now in Tollywood. Power Star Pawan Kalyan has a huge fan base in youngsters. Since 4 years he have not acted in any movie in a lead role. So the fans are having a huge expectations on the movie.

Sardar Gabbar Singh Guess Review

According to the trailer of the movie, Gabbar Singh promoted to CI and is sent to a village called as Rathanpur. There are two high families, One of it is most respected family and the other one is powerful. Kajal belongs to the respected family and the other family member wants to marry Kajal.




Now the Kajal is helpless as she does not have such power. Kajal always tries to save the fame of their family after these incident she is helpless and waiting for some one who could help her. Pawan Kalyan after his transfer to Rathanpur village supports Kajal family.

This might be the story of the film. Its a guess review by our team.

All the Best Team Sardar Gabbar Singh From Team Being Legends.

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