Salman Khan’s Race 3 Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration

budget and remuneration of race 3

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration. Race 3 is the new movie of Salman Khan which is going to be released on the month of June. Most of the Northern indian states people are eagerly waiting for the movie. All the fans of Salman Khan are being so excited for watching this movie on theaters. After completing the Race 1&2 movies the same team is going to make another sequel movie Race 3 which is going to be released in almost 1000+ theaters in India. This movie is going to be a block buster the complete information of Budget and Remuneration of Race 3 movie is given check it out.

Salman Khan’s Race 3 Movie Release Date, Budget And Remuneration

Cast And Crew Of Race 3:

Lead Role (Male) : Salman Khan.

Lead Role (Female): Jacqueline Fernadez.

Supporting Roles: Anil Kapoor, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem, Freddy Daruwala.

Director: Remo D Souza.

Producer: Ramesh S Taurani, Salman Khan.

Music Director: Jam 8.

Production Company: Salman Khan Films, Tips Films.

These are the cast and crew of the Salman Khan Race 3 movie however this isn’t complete cast and crew of the Race 3 movie. There are some other crew people who are not given here.

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Budget Of Race 3:

The budget of Race 3 movie is almost 100 crores according to our estimation. At first the production company has introduced budget of 80 crores but later declined by the director and producers because of publicity and printings will add at least 10 to 20 crores of money. So the production company has later made an amount of 100 crores and fixed the rate. This budget has been accepted by the producers and all the crew people. According to some interviews of Salman Khan it takes almost 80 to 90 crores for all the needs of movies and takes only 10 to 20 crores for printing and publicity of the movie.

Remuneration Of Each Casts Of Race 3: 

The given Remunerations are just estimations.

Salman Khan: According to some news Salman Khan agreed to take 70% of profit of Race 3 movie as Remuneration

Salman Khan remuneration in race 3

Anil Kapoor: 5 Crores

Race 3 release date

Bobby Deol: 4 Crores

race 3 budget and remuneration and release date

Saqib Saleem: 2 Crores

Race 3 budget and remuneration

Daisy Shah: 1 Crore

Race 3 budget and release date


Jacqueline Fernandez: 1 Crore.

Race 3 budget

The given remuneration of each staring are just estimations.

Release Date: After completing almost 95% of all the scenes of movies the team of Race 3 movie has agreed to release the movie in the month of June 15 2018. This date is perfectly confirmed by the team of Race 3 movie but however there are some chances to change the date of release in the future.

Lets hope that this movie gets a lot of collections after the release. Most of the people are willing to watch this movie after the release of the movie in june 15. Watch race 3 at you nearest theater. All the best to the team of Race 3 movie. Hope that Race 3 gives the best entertainment to all the audience.

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