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Is It Ok To Stay As Roommate With Opposite Gender

Is It Ok To Stay As Roommate With Opposite Gender

Note :- This article is contributed for us by the one experienced this life.

Everyone have different way of living there bachelor life. Is It Ok To Stay As Roommate With Opposite Gender. Some people stay at hostels and some other stay with their friends in rooms. Many of the youngsters know about bachelor life. If you are a b-tech student then you will surely know about this life.

Coming to the point – How would be the life with a bachelor of your opposite gender. Mostly there would be a few differences. Staying with your opposite gender as a room-mate will happen in a life where you have a job and need of staying in such position.

People might get a doubt that how can it be possible or how can they share the room. Well ! it’s not much that hard. One must understand other to stay in a room.

Is It Ok To Stay As Roommate With Opposite Gender

I stayed with my two colleges in a apartments near our office. We never though of gender differences and moved a friendly life around 6 months of over job time. The difference in being with boys and girls – Mostly girls care about cleanness.

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Difference in staying with boys and girls 

  • Neatness is one of the main difference, As boys mostly don’t maintain the room well. In case of girls the room will be surely maintained neat.
  • One drawback is we cannot share every of our personal things with them.
  • Cooking benefits have been their with girls. Mostly they used to cook sometimes in leisure time.
  • Maintaining the expenses – Usually they used to maintain their expenses but i spend more than them as they take care of room well but this does mean much differences.
  • Previous in my b-tech life i used to stay with my friends in room but comparing my old room with this new is completely different.
  • I don’t drink , So this made me to stay free with them. Also it would be hard to stay with them in care if you are a addict to drinking.
  • Expect this I don’t find much difference in staying with them.

This is my job life story. Hope you liked it. Thank you for reading.

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