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Robo 2 Pre Release Business Crosses Bahubali 2

We know that the super star of Tamil Nadu Rajinikanth robo 2.0 is going to be released and Rajinikanth new movie which had taken an awesome hit in the box office is Kabali on the day of the kabala release many of the companies had given holidays because rajinikanth had the best fan following in Tamil nadu.

Robo 2 Pre Release Business Crosses Bahubali 2

Now coming to the point rajinikanth new movie robo 2.0 is going to be released soon and the movies budget is 360 croresnon of the other movies had this much budget even baahubali doesn’t had this much budget It had 180 crores its less then the robo 2.0. robo 2.0 had beaten the baahubali budget with 180 crores more.

Robo 2.0 is making a deal with the theatrical rights and satellite rights media had told that this deal is approximately 500 crores so we should expect that how will be the robo 2.0 movie and we should think that how biggest hit will this movie will take from the box office.

However we know that robo 2.0 gonna take an block buster in the box office and its gonna be an awesome south Indian movie like Bahubali and fans gonna go crazy at the release and its gonna be a holiday for many of the Rajinikanth companies and lets wait and watch the movie in theaters and lets enjoy ourselves robo 2.0 releasing dates are not yet decided. hope the movie complete soon and take a block buster in the box office.

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