Robo 2.0 Movie Latest Stills And HD Wallpapers

Robo 2.0 movie stills and photoes of Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson

Robo 2.0 movie latest Stills and photos.

Robo 2.0 is the sequel of movie robo which is directed by Shanker. Even though having a high budget and following for this film it takes a huge amount time to complete this movie.

Cast and crew of Robo 2.0:

Lead role (Male): Rajinikanth.

Lead role (Female): Amy Jackson.

Negative role: Akshay Kumar.

Rajinikanth career: Shivaji rao Gaekwada mostly known as Rajinikanth (stage name). Rajinikanth was born on 12 december 1950 in martha family. He had began his job as bus conducter later joined in tamil film industry. Rajinikanth gained a huge popularity after debut movies.

Amy Jackson career: Amy Jackson is british actress who frequently joined in the Indian film industry and started her career in many movies of india. She began her modelling career in 2008 and ended it in 2010 and then join in to acting career in 2010 and still continuing with her films.

Akshay Kumar career: Akshay Kumar started his career in bollywood film industry but he first started modeling. At the first Akshay Kumar used to work as a karate master and then shift to modeling by some other guy advice and then a Bollywood director offered a debut movie for Akshay Kumar. After that Akshay Kumar grown himself in bollywood and gained huge following.

Rajinikanth in shooting of Robo 2.0


Rajinikanth stills on Robo 2.0

Amy jackson pic of robo 2.0


Akshay kumar and Rajinikanth stills in Robo 2.0


Robo 2.0 wallpapers


All posters of Robo 2.0


Rajinikanth fan edit on robo .0


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