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Who is the richest person in the world? This will change the way you see the world

Who is the richest person in the world?

I have seen a facebook post today where a lady answered to a question ‘Who is the richest person in the world’. Let me share you a true story.

A lady is moving to her home in a car with her 2 years old daughter. The baby starting crying due to hungry. Then the lady bought a milk from nearby star hotel and paid 50 rupees bill. Later after 30 minutes the baby started to cry again. Then there is no milk left to feed the baby and there are no star hotels or supermarkets nearby.

The lady stopped her car at a chai hotel which is a small tea shop. An old man is selling the tea in the shop.

The lady asked the old man for a little bit of milk for her baby. The old filled the bottle with warm milk and gave it to the lady.

Women: How much do you earn thatha “Grandpa’

Old Man: I earn 200-300 Rupees per day.

Women: Please have this 500 for your kind words and precious milk you gave for my daughter.

Old Man: Please Let me be happy ‘I am happy by seeing the child smile after feeding milk’. Please don’t make this into a business. If I take amount from you then it will surely ruin my happiness.

The lady tried to give the amount to the old man but the old man refused to take the money because he loved the little baby.

He said ‘how could I charge for the most beautiful child in the world’. Tears rolled out of the Lady’s eyes and she left with a thankful heart.

Moral: Its not about having a large amount of money in the bank account. Its all about having a large hearted nature with us. The richest person in the world is the one who is having a greatest heart.

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