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Rescue operations in kolkata disaster

Kolkatha Bridge

The most busy flyover in kolkata collapses at a crowded street, pinning under it auto rickshaws, minibuses, pedestrians, traffic constables.

Rescue operations in kolkata disaster:

This just happpened at the heart of Kolkata, in Girish Park. IVRCL company contracted by the Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) to build the fly over there which was never finishing up the project though days furthered.But CMDA neither projected out checks nor monitored it’s progress.




Construction of flyovers,bridges and roads has always looked dodgy Our Metro took over 10 years to build it. When you look at the rescue operations underway, you realise that there’s little hope for any of us in a similar situation. It was like an hour and 45 minutes before rescue teams turned up to work.
Yes, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Army were there, There was not even a blind estimation of the number of vehicles or people under the collapsed flyover materials.

If this is the state of rescue operations in a metropolitan city of India, God help the rest of India.

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