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Real Ghost Scares Girl in Hotel

Ghosts are the most scary things that fear human beings.So many ghost stories framed and told to us to scare us in our child hood .There are so many real thing happening about ghosts also.Now-a-days movies containing horror comedy are getting a real good talk at box-office.This shows how interested people to know about ghosts.




In this video a girl sits in an empty hotel.There we see number of chairs.Girl just sits moody as she has no one around to talk.At some moment Girl’s feels that some body was watching her from back.She turns back and sees that there was no one around.Later on again she feels something and finds nothing around.This happens repeated times.At some time she was pushed out from the chair she sat.she feels so scary there.Ghost can be seen by you as video was marked with Red arrow mark where you see this ghost.The video was being taped using CC cameras present in hotel.

               Source : ParanormalCamera & CrazyTape


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