Ravi Teja reveals reason behind kick 2 flop

One of most awaited movie in 2016 kick 2 is released in august. Kick 2 is a sequel movie of block buster hit kick. The expectations of the audience over the film was much high. Ravi Teja reveals reason behind kick 2 flop.

Ravi Teja said in an interview after 6 days of of movie run time. He said he made a mistake. Ravi Teja said that he informed he director Surender Reddy that the movie is dragging. Director Surender Reddy did not cared about the words of Ravi Teja.

If the movie title was Comfort then movie would got some better talk. They used the name kick 2 only for publicity. They second part of the movie is completely dragging. This is main minus point of the film.




At the end of the film they gave a title that they are going to make kick 3 soon. But if the story sequence continues in this manner and dragging takes place again success will not take part of that film.

Finally we all know it is not easy to make films. Hit or flop making a film is difficult. Let director Surender Reddy sir prove his talent in Kick 3 with a block buster. Best wishes to him and his team for their success in future.

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