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RANA New Movie Is Going To Be Directed By V V Vinayak

We  know that V.V.Vinayak come back movie “Khaidi no 150” had made an awesome blockbuster  in sankranthi and also it had got an awesome collection from the boxoffice.

However the director V.V.Vinayak has no other projects to make a movie and also all the stars are busy at other movie so he is quote upset about this matter.

RANA New Movie Is Going To Be Directed By V V Vinayak

So he is trying to make a movie with the Rana Daggubati but there is also a problem with him too. Because Rana Daggubati is making a movie called “Nene Raja Nene Mantri” and this movie information doesn’t got out more however the problem here is that V.V.Vinayak and Rana Daggubati doesn’t like any of the scripts which came to them and also Rana is also trying listen to most of the scripts which came to them.

Rana daggubati had an awesome collection in the baahubali rana had given an awesome performance as bhalladeva in the baahubali but after the baahubali there are less choices to act in more movies there are less scripts for his movie. By this we can say that Rana and V.V.Vinayak will make an awesome movie but it will take more time then other movies.

Hence we can say that the movie of Rana Daggubati is going take an awesome hit in the box office and get a huge collection for the movie so lets hope the movie come soon and get an blockbuster in the box office.

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