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Rajinikanth’s Kala New Movie Budget And Remuneration

kala Budget and remuneration

Rajinikanth’s Kala New Movie Budget And Remuneration. Kala is the new movie of Rajinikanth which is going to be released soon. Kala movie is directed by Pa. Ranjith. We know that Rajinkanth is acting in the movie Robo 2.0 so there is a delay in the movie of KALA and also there is lag in the movie shooting of Robo 2.0. If you think about it Rajinikanth new movie Kala is going to be just like Kabali. Kala movie story will definitely going to entertain you. Super star Rajinikanth once said that this movie will be a huge blockbuster for him.

The details of Rajinikanth Kala Movie:

Cast And Crew of KALA:

There are many actors and actresses and crew for this movie there are top people who are working on this movie.


Lead Role (male): Rajinikanth (Shivaji Rao Gaekwad)

Lead Role (Female): Eswari Rao, Huma Quareshi.

Supporting Role: Prakash Raj, Sukanya, Sayaji Shinde, Nana Patekar.

These are the actors and actress who are staring in the Kala movie. hope that they do their best in the movie. These actors and actress are one of the most popular people in the India. We could say that these movie get more popularity due to its actors and actress.


Director: Pa. Ranjith.

Producer: Dhanush.

Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan.

Production Company: Wunderbar Films.

These are the crew of the Kala movie. The producer of the movie is the Hero Dhanush who is the son in law of Rajinikanth. The director of this movie is Pa. Ranjith who had done Kabali movie with Rajinikanth. This movie is the second movie of Rajinikanth with Pa. Ranjith.

Budget And Production:

There has been a lot of discussion about the budget for this movie. They had decided that the budget should be perfect amount and also a perfect rate which producer can afford. Later they had decided an amount of 100 crores but they had decided to change the budget of the movie. there is an estimation that the budget of the movie is 160 crores. if the movie budget is too high then they may lose in the returns a lot because of the ban of the theaters.

Legal Issues: 

There had been many legal problems and issues for the Kala movie. Kala movie may get down due to the legal problems of the movie. If there is a problem on the Kala movie then there will be definite loss for the movie. You may think that what are the legal issues of Kala movie. The issues are not yet provided.

Remuneration Of Kala Movie staring

These remunerations are just estimated

Rajinikanth: 20 Crores.

Eswari Rao: 2 Crores.

Huma Quershi: 1 Crore.

Prakash Raj: 50 lakhs.

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There is profit and loss for the movie. We could expect a great film from the Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth has a huge popularity from all over the india if this movie doesn’t give enough entertainment to the audience then there will be a huge fight among the fans.




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