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Rajinikanth Kala Movie Latest Stills And HD WallPapers

Kala movie HD wallpapers

Rajinikanth Kala Movie Latest Stills And HD WallPapers. Kala movie is the latest movie rajinikanth which is going to be released soon. Kala movie theatrical trailer has been released in march 1st 2018. There has been a photo shoot of Hero Rajinikanth of Kala movie. Kala is the movie about a colony and the don of the colony. Kala movie is now one of the top trending movies in the india. After completing Kala movie Rajinikanth is going to restart his shooting of Robo 2.0. We have to wait a long time for Kala and Robo 2.0 movie.

Cast and Crew of KALA:

Lead Role (male): Rajinikanth

Lead Role (Female): Eshwari Rao

Supporting role: Huma Quareshi. Sayaji Shinde.

Career of Rajinikanth: Rajinikanth original name is Shivaji rao geakWad. Rajinikanth is the stage name of Shivaji Rao GeakWad. Rajinikanth was first worked as a ticket conductor in a city bus and later joined the film industry with the movie of Apoorva Ragangai. Rajinikanth later done many movies and owned the super star tag in the south india. Rajinikanth now has following from all over the world for his movies. He is now working on the film of KALA and also working on the movie Robo 2.0.

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Kala movie is going to get all the records of the south india but there is problem for Kala movie. Theaters of South india is going to be banned. No one can see the movies on the theaters. By the ban of theater Kala movie may have a big problem  in the future by but how the movie can over come it lets see about that issue. If you think about it what is the reason behind the ban of theaters in the south india.


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Here are the latest stills and HD wallpapers of KALA move


Rajinikanth shooting photos


Rajinikanth movie HD wallpapers


Kala movie latest stills of rajinikanth


Kala movie shooting photos



kala movie latest images


Kala movie poster


Rajinikanth latest stills


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