Raj Tarun Turning to Director with RGV

Raj Tharun with Varma

Rising Star Raj Tarun is about to make his leap into another department of Film , As earlier we know about his link up with MR.Production Films which marked as most successful YouTube channel and production company among Short Film Industry.His journey into films was from nobody to somebody,he just followed his passions and interests fortunately been successful in his career so far.

Raj Tarun Turning to Director with RGV:

His Recent Block Buster Kumari 21F Reached every narrow minded adults,Teens which earned the praises of critics in a prologue. He has been the most successful debutante since his 4 films also sharing the screen with Manchu Vishnu in ‘Veedorakam Vaadorakam’ also signed another film Dil Raju which wold be starting soon.The Accidental entry into the TFI turned out to be an inspiration to many youngsters as a self risen star.




Apart from his Lead Roles from the beginning even in short films he wished to be in the direction department rather than on screen,His Dream of directing is gonna be in action now soon,by the support of most encouraging director of TFI Ram Gopal Varma .He is about to bring on his passion of direction on sets soon with his script.

Gossips trip on in TFI mentioning the film would be a different love story,Finally his dream role of being the man behind the camera is going to  be true soon.

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