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These Powerful images show how Animals were being treated by Human Beings

These Powerful images show how Animals were being treated by Human Beings

This images are the powerful message for the public showing how animals are being treated in our daily life. Have a look at all the images and share your opinion with us in the comments sections.

1.Rhino’s trunk. This image shows how the animal is treated for medical treatments and other uses.


2. Bull fight is encouraged in plenty of countries through out the world. Look how the fight is effecting the animals. What would happen if the bulls were playing with the humans in the same way. Think!


3. Dogs feel the cold when are tied outside the home in the winter. Never leave your dog outside the home in winter.


4. Animal skins were used for clothing and other purpose. This way of handling them should be stopped.


5. Plenty of ducks were killed for meat purpose. This image shows a powerful message.


6. Lobsters are being used as one of the favorite dish in plenty of countries. Most of them are boiled alive.


7. Birds are put in the cage for long time. Most of the birds are kept in home for life time. This hurts them a lot. They should be given freedom.


8. Chicken cooking shows. Well! I think I don’t need to explain about this one.


9. Pig farms. Pig were domesticated for meat.


10. The below image shows a great message for animal body savers. These people hunt them for just saving the things.


11. This is how ducks how in the same way the people hunt ducks.


12. This is something which disturbs much.


13. Most of the hunters have such images taken after killing the lion.


14. Sharks are caught regularly in the oceans for meat.


15. The chariots being pulled by humans.


16. Haha! Here comes the reverse stage of evolution.


17. This hurts a lot.


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