Power Star Pawan Kalyan Mother In Law Is No More

Pawan kalyan sorrowful day

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Mother In Law Is No More. Pawan kalyan third wife is Anna Lezhneva. She is from the Russia. Pawan Kalyan wife newly learned the tradition and cultures of Telangana. Anna Lezhneva mother has recently passed away. Power star Pawan Kalyan and his wife both are feeling very sorrowful for her. The konidela family members has came in to pawan kalyan house to give support for pawan kalyan and his wife. This is one of the saddest news for all the fans of power star pawan kalyan.

Anna Lezhneva mother has passed away due to some sort of disease. Anna Lezhneva mother has suffered a few days before dying by that disease. She had passed away in march 2018. Pawan Kalyan and the whole konidela family is feeling sad for the Pawan kalyan mother in law. This may effect the future of pawan kalyan.

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Every power star pawan kalyan fan should feel sad about the mother in law of Pawan Kalyan. They should have pity feeling in Pawan Kalyan. The Sorrowful moment of pawan kalyan life was this.

This is the explanation of the death power star pawan kalyan mother in law. 

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