Paypal Users Are Receiving Cryptocurrencies Warning Emails

Paypal had banned bitcoin

Paypal Users Are Receiving Cryptocurrencies Warning Emails. Paypal users had reported that they had received an official looking E-mail of Paypal. The warning is about “Activity (involving) the trading or transfer of cryptocurrency are prohibited under our acceptable user policy” which is warning the receiver to “Cease any activity which results in the trading or transfer of cryptocurrency”. The Paypal users who received this mail got worried about there cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitcoin has been banned by paypal


Paypal Users Are Receiving Cryptocurrencies Warning Emails

A Paypal user David Veksler has claimed that he received a warning Email from the Paypal in the morning of 16th march 2018. Almost 200 million users has received this Email from the Paypal with title of “Cryptocurrency Warning”

Paypal is one of the two decade old and popular company of online payments which includes co-founder such as Elon Musk. The Paypal company revenue almost be’s in billions and even operates over almost 200 markets and also 25 currencies. Paypal is a great competitor for all the cryptocurrencies. The Paypal company has started conflicting statements about the other cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. In this month we had found that Paypal company had applied for the cryptocurrency related patents.

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According to the Paypal user David the Email was sent by the Paypal company. After receiving the email David contacted the Paypal customer services and said about the warning email to the representative. The representative later checked David’s account and said that it is not legitmate mail. The representative later reviewed that “its fine there is no problem with the warning email you could continue your transactions”. The David later posted about this in different community sites like Reddit, Paypal Community site etc. Most of the people commented that they too received the warning mails from Paypal.

The Warning Mail which is sent by The Paypal


The Paypal User received warning email

There are no formal statements for the warning Email

There are no formal statements of the Warning Email. The paypal does not issued any formal statements. According to the information which is provided by the David we cannot yet confirm that Warning email is a spam. The mail does look legit but the representative said that its fake.

We cannot confirm that its a spam or legit but it will be better if the users be careful.


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