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Pawan Vs Mahesh who is Tollywood number one

Both the hero’s Pawan and Mahesh had huge following from Telugu people. These two were standing as the pillars for craze of the tollywood at present generation. The most confused thing in Tollywood is Pawan Vs Mahesh who is Tollywood number one. As said in our previous article Is Pawan Kalyan really Tollywood number one . A top hero must have 6 qualification to prove he is at top position. With out having any of such qualification we cannot decide any person in the Top position of a film Industry.




To be at Top position a hero need 6 specific qualifications

  • Huge fan following
  • Best acting skills
  • Dance
  • Timing
  • Dialogue Delivery
  • Humanity

If any hero has this 6 qualifications he can be at top position. Between Pawan and Mahesh. If Pawan Has best qualifications of this 6 better than Mahesh. Pawan can be at top position. If Mahesh has these 6 qualifications better than Pawan Then Mahesh can be at best position.

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27 thoughts on “Pawan Vs Mahesh who is Tollywood number one

  1. Prince Mahesh Babu is the Tollywood #1 hero, because Fan Following is more, Superb Acting Skills, Dance is Good, Timing is Amazing, Dialogue Delivery is Awesome, Humanity is Fantastic.

  2. Mahesh is no1…as they said in the above qualifications mahesh has all of these and another bst qualification he has was character…..Mahesh has very good character than Pawan kalyan…..So,no doubt in that mahesh is tolly wood no1….

  3. Mahesh Babu is the Number 1 Actor in Tollywood, who is not only a Superstar in Reel Life, but also in Real Life. Very Good Character, Humanitarian, Mesmerizing, Polite, Charming, Respectable, Great Actor, and an idol for the society and fans.

  4. What a funny discussion here is going on…!!! Superstar Mahesh is very close to no1, where as pawan never gets no1 position even if he gives continuous success. Mahesh suits for almost all characters and his stardom and craze, fan following are increasing throughout india day by day with record collections. We should hav sense before we say something.

  5. PAVAN KALYAN has The 5 Qulifications except dance , But he done one movement in GOPALA GOPALA then the hall has been Rocked

  6. Power star pawan kalyan is the 1 hero
    *.he has Huge fan following called #pawanism
    *.pawan has Best acting skills
    *.good Dance
    *.perfect Timing
    *.super Dialogue Delivery

  7. Mahesh always no.1..He has Good style and good acting than pavan Mahesh had good character and humanity and he is also a silent man..Actually,he doesn’t do more dance but if he dance,it will be so wonderful ..we’ve seen his dance in many movies.He had Good timing and Dialouge delivery.HONESTLY, No one can do his character in “1 movie”even,pavankalyan also..Mahesh has good humanity and he will always say truth and love his parents and best son,best husband and Caring Father..He also had a huge FAN FOLLOWING So,Mahesh is No.1.But,Pavan is also a good actor..Mahesh is No.1 and Pavan is No.2

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