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Pawan Kalyan in trouble handling the political career

Pawan in politics

Pawan Kalyan entered into politics with previous elections on 2014. He political entry made the public to look onto him unlike on silver screen. Pawan Kalyan conducted plenty of of meeting for his political career. He is having a tremendous following from the Youth of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. His ideals for the country are really impressive. His speeches attract plenty of youth. The main trouble he is facing right now is being opposite to his blood relation Chiranjeevi and his Ally party TDP.

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Pawan Kalyan haven’t spoke anything against TDP till now from the election of 2014. He questioned many things about central government but haven’t questioned anything on the state ruling party. This made the people to think against his ideologies. How is Pawan Kalyan going to participate in 2019 elections. Till now he haven’t said that he is going to participate the elections by his own. He haven’t said that he going to select the MLA and MP candidates for his party to participate in the state.

Even after all this circumstances if Pawan Kalyan supports TDP party then he is going to loose the faith amount youngsters and public of Andhra Pradesh. These were the words which are running on Social Media about Pawan Kalyan and his relationship with TDP party. We need to wait and see how Pawan Kalyan is going to lead the party Janasena in the future. If you are having any opinion on this issue, we will be happy to hear the words from you. Tell us your feedback in the comments section. We will be happy to answer you. Thank you.

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