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Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram New Movie Hindi Rights Price

Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram New Movie Hindi Rights Price

Pawan Kalyan’s new movie with Trivikram got an positive response from the Hindi version. Previously Sardar Gabbar singh is released in north market and got very less response from the public. Now the movie pspk25 with trivikram got a good response from the north market. The movie got a whooping offer of 11 crores for Hindi digital rights. This is the highest for a telugu movie after Bahubali.

Pawan Kalyan Triviram Movie Hindi Rights sold at 11 Crores

There are plenty of telugu movies which were successful at hindi box office with specific buying and market. There is no other movie expect Bahubali to get this buyer rate from Bollywood market.

This is one of the great fame for Pawan kalyan and his fans. Most of the Pawan Kalyan fans will feel the happiness after knowing this news. This kind of response from the Bollywood increases the market of telugu movies throughout India.

The better response we get from the public from different places in India will increase the market of the movie. The better market we have the better we will become to make the movies. Let’s hope that we will get plenty of such offer for other movies so that we can develop the movie industry in a better way.

Even most of the audience are showing interest for new movies which were made with different stories instead of commercial once. The change in the audience got a good change in the movie industry to make different movies and now tollywood is producing much better films. The industry is improving well and lets hope for more improvement. All the best to the upcoming movies of the industry.



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