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Pawan Kalyan to open a Facebook Account

Pawan Kalyan to open a Facebook Account. Previous Tollywood hero Pawan Kalyan had opened Twitter account to meet the public directly and share the thoughts of him to the public. He recently joined politics to help the people. He proved that he has a huge response from the public. He is the party president of Jana Sena party which is now with TDP (ruling party of Andhra).




Hero Pawan had got a huge response in twitter. He now would like to join facebook. Many normal people from villages in India are using facebook of course they were also using twitter but Pawan though that meeting people in Facebook would be also a bit better. He wants to share his thoughts in Facebook also as well as twitter.

Many Of the hero’s were having both facebook and Twitter accounts. Now Pawan would also like to have both the people. All the best Pawan Kalyan for your awesome carrier. Hope you will make many movies and help to nation to develop as soon as possible. Well wishes from Team Being Legends.

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