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Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu multi-starer movie

One of the best director of Telugu film is industry is Trivikram

He made many movies with the stars like Pawan kalyan and Mahesh babu. Most of the fans of the Tollywood would like to see the both hero’s in single screen.

So the story of the multi-starer is ready and the only thing remaining is the both hero’s should accept to act with each other. Of course Mahesh babu said that he will act if they had a good concept.

The remaining thing is story need to be explained to the both hero’s. We can’t expect family entertainer because Pawan have not acted in fun movies. Pawan Kalyan loves to act in Action movies. Even Mahesh babu also suits for action movies.




The story might be an action entertainer. We can expect positive response from both hero’s. Tollywood fans will have more fun and enjoyment seeing this both stars together.

If the movie gets confirmed by both the stars then the Tollywood movie range would rise higher. Already the movie standard of Tollywood has rised after Bahubali.

So the things happening were good in Tollywood. The remaining wish of Pawan and Mahesh multi-starer might happen soon.

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