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Paripoornananda Swamy Biography | Before BJP And After BJP

Paripoornananda Swamy Biography

Paripoornananda Swamy or Swamy Paripoornananda Saraswathi is a saint, speaker, and a scholar. He was born on November 1, 1972. He is 46 years old. He was born in Kerala and spent his childhood in Nellore and other areas of Andhra. He belongs to the Brahmin caste (OC category). He is 5 foot 9 inch tall and weighs 79 kg (approximately).

He occasionally ordained as a priest with respect to his mother’s vow. He grew up in Dayanand Saraswathi’s ashram. He later established his own ashram at Kakinada known as Sreepetham (a spiritual organization). He is a good speaker. He traveled through Dalit villages and spoke for their development. He gained the goodwill of many people. He has a lot of followers as a result. Whenever he speaks there are always people to listen. Paripoornananda Swamy can speak Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and English fluently. He was at the front for protesting to protect cows in the two Telugu states. Similar to Ramdev Ji he also sells his products which are sold well in the local markets. His followers allegedly run a news channel. He was invited into the BJP political party recently. Firstly it was rumored that he is the chief minister candidate for BJP same as yogi Adityanath which is considered false news as mentioned by Amit Shah recently. Bjp hopes he would become the yogi Adityanath (chief minister of Uttar Pradesh) of Telangana. It is rumored that he would participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. He has the support of the  MLA Raja Singh.

He was imprisoned for 47 days for allegations against him stating that he sexually abused a girl child. After he got bail he quoted that he was imprisoned without any substantial evidence and he also said that this government does not seem like a democratic government to him. He strongly opposed the allegations saying that he raised kids and imparted them with knowledge irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion. He alleged that he was sent to prison because of few Christian heads who meant to degrade him. He was house arrested and banned from the city for his comments in response to film critic Kathi Mahesh (also participated in Bigg boss 1 a reality show). Amit Shah believes that he could change BJP politics in Telangana as he has goodwill in public and follows Hinduism.

Critics say that he might have sympathy right now for his ban but he is not a key player for BJP. Some say that he cannot become the yogi Adityanath of the Telangana state since religion politics do not work here. Some say he is not as bad as Bandla Ganesh of Congress. What’s said and done he might have a little chance because might contest in Hyderabad which is now a Muslim and TRS strengthened the region. Not many candidates of BJP have elected leaders in the MLA elections took place recently. So, he might have a good position in the party for the Telangana state if he wins. There has not been a strong candidate and a speaker to represent BJP in Telangana so it is expected that he would fill the void for them.   

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