Ntr, Ram Charan and Rajamouli upcoming movie budget and remunerations

budget and remunerations of the movie, Ram charan, rajamouli, Junior NTR

The most exciting project coming to be in tollywood is the multistarer movie of Ram Charan and NTR under the direction of Rajamouli. This is the recent news conformed after the post of Rajamouli in Facebook.

The project titles, dates, budget and remuneration are yet to be announced. In few interviews Rajamouli said his next project would be Garuda. Even though there aren’t any official announcement from him yet for the title of the movie. Let’s talk about the estimation budget and remunerations of the movie. The movie might not be as big as Bahubali and it may be scripted according to present generation.

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Remunerations for Rajamouli, Junior Ntr and Ram Charan movie

Rajamouli 15 crores+ profit percentage

Ram Charan 15 crores

Junior NTR 18 crores

The remuneration purely depends on the market of the hero. Hence junior NTR might be having a bit higher remuneration than RAM Charan. These are the estimated remunerations of the movie.

The budget of the movie will be an average of 150+ crores. The movie will be hugely hyped through out the country. We all know the promotions of Rajamouli. He is best at marketing skills.

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