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NTR and Rajamouli Short Film About Cyber Crimes

NTR and Rajamouli About Cyber Crimes

NTR and Rajamouli Short Film About Cyber Crimes. Yes, now a days many cyber crimes and other ATM account hacking are happening in india so by that Hyderabad cyber police has created a short film to aware the society about the Cyber Crimes. These short films are also the part of cyber crime. Hyderabad police really made a good plan about the cyber crime awareness. Many of the hackers are trying to steal money from the people bank account. Not only money some of the people are black mailing some youngsters. This short film tells about the information which we have to do if get a call or any other issue from an unknown person. Not only junior NTR many other directors actors and actress has acted in this short films done by Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police. Be aware guys anything could happen to anyone by this cyber crime if you get any suspicious calls or friend  request or messages immediately inform to Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police department. Be careful be safe don’t let anything happen to you or your family like in this video.

These are the short film which Junior NTR and Rajamouli has acted and which is directed by Hyderabad Cyber Police.

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